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On top of my mind today

Aristotle on Inequality

Aristotle believed equality can not be imposed. He was right to some extent, but not all of his extreme opinions passed the test of time.

The Art of Murder

Does anyone who calls themself an ‘Artist’ really an Artist?

The story of Tesla

Last Friday I had an opportunity to talk with the CEO of a startup trying to revolutionize the web. The article shares our discussion on a fundamental belief about human society.

But you are free!

Want a bar of chocolate? This time we discuss a compliance gaining technique

TEDTalk: The Quater-Life Crisis

Have’A’Look posts are some cool content I find on the internet, and couldn’t stop sharing it with you all. Here is a ted talk that I couldn’t stop sharing with you all.

Bored game

Pandemic fatigue is a hot potato these days. Have you ever thought- What exactly is boredom? And how is it related to our colony on Mars?

Who cares?

A mother might not be the wisest person on earth, but her love and care is enough to make her the most valuable person in a child’s life

The Unabomber

What happens when a professor with an IQ greater than Einstien’s decides to bomb his own country?….

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I love exploring. Exploring technology, ideas, human psychology, emotion, future, Etc. Sometimes I get amazed by stars. I like reading books. Especially the ones my readers recommend to me.

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