The dark side of light

 A friend recently shared an article with me, “18 Things You Will Never Understand Until You Experience Them Yourself“. I tried to come up with something that we understand only after experiencing it. After a lot of brainstorming and experimenting, I have a practical answer. The beauty of the night sky is one such thing we realize only after experiencing it. 

Finding a night sky is very difficult nowadays! There are some fortunate days when we travel outside of cities, on dark roads/forests. The mere sight of beautiful stars is soothing. If you don’t believe me, try it by yourself(travel to an isolated beach/forest/village and experience firsthand). 

 The ambient light we are wasting shooting in the sky harms us a lot. I recently read that light pollution is the only pollution we can clean up instantly! High time to take some action. If not for the sky lovers like me, do it for our scientists and astronomers.

Do you agree with our poster picture? In search of gold(artificial light), we lost diamond(stars).

Published by Mayank

Heyy, I am your friend Mayank. Loves talking about photography, tech, politics, and combinatorics. Hit me up if you got a puzzle xD

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