Painfully Shy

Experts believe 77% of the human population has some level of stage fright. Yesterday, I was chatting with a new reader of our blog, my new friend Eddie(changed name). He shared the problem of his stage fright. As promised, this article is dedicated to the ghost inside our brains and the butterflies inside our stomach.

I went back to my psychology notes to figure out the truth. Fear of performing in public is often driven by the fear of embarrassment. We worry about being perceived or judged by others. Extreme fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia.

The other day, I was playing with my four-year-old cousin. Her mischievous and funny acts entertain me a lot. I am never bored of playing with children. The children don’t worry about being judged. Despite having no intention, they hook the attention of the audience with their mischiefs. Children teach us great lessons. If a child with no speech prepared can gather applauds from the audience, so can we. After all, we are ready with our beautiful speeches(or acts).

Chess players are known to read the minds of their opponents well. As we discussed, worrying about what others think about us might lead to social anxiety. Evidently, there are numerous questions on the internet, asking, “I am a chess player, and I feel social anxiety.”.

After being interviewed seven times in a single day last year, I realized something. After every interview, my communication with the interviewers got better. The fright reduces with practice, and our performance improves. We need to prepare well to fight our social anxiety on some special occasions.

So what do you think about stage fright? Comment below!

Here I leave you with a video explaining the science behind stage fright

The science of stage fright

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5 thoughts on “Painfully Shy

  1. Life is all about conditioning oneself. It’s the repetition of acts and even thoughts that alter what we perceive to be our basic natures. Shyness, thought an instinct, can be overcome and its prominence underplayed. Thanks for sharing!

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