COVID in our free world

COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the work culture of the entire human population. We are working remotely during the pandemic. The interesting observation is, we are shifting away from the culture of working a fixed number of hours a day – usually called 9 to 5 workday. In this article, we understand how this work culture is not something completely unknown to human history.

Before the Industrial Revolution, people were paid based on the products/services they delivered. People worked in their towns and sold the products in cities. With the Industrial revolution came factories and offices. The concept of 9 to 5 job was born. People started to get paid for working a fixed number of hours a day. Today, COVID-19 killed the concept of working together in an office. We are back to the point where we started. People are working in their hometowns, delivering products and services remotely. The two natural questions that come to our mind:-

  • Are we pushed back in the human development timeline?
  • Are the changes brought by COVID-19 reversible?

Are we pushed back in the human development timeline?

Right now, we are hit by “slobalization”, the opposite of globalization. Manufacturing of goods is hit badly. For example, a factory making mobile phones in India might need the batteries produced in China. However, due to closed borders, trade is ceased. The countries are relying more and more on themselves. Of course, this is a piece of bad news. Free trade is on a downward spiral, which is harmful for collaborative innovation and global development. Civil society is suffering greatly. In some areas indeed we have hit the backward gear.

In terms of services and sharing of intelligence, COVID-19 might just have helped us. The culture of the remote job ensures a person can live in one country and work in another. This is a grand achievement. After all, human intelligence and services have never seen globalization at this level. Borders of the countries are blurred by the internet. So, not everything is bad about the pandemic.

Are the changes brought by COVID-19 reversible?

Not everything should/will go back to “normal”. The world faced an economic crisis in 2008 and recovered safely. Similarly, I am optimistic about the COVID-19 phase passing away, leaving us with the choices. The choice to handpick positives from the pandemic. The choice to reverse the blows on globalization. It all depends on our will to reverse the bad effects of the pandemic.

The takeaway is, we should be better prepared next time. The population and medical workforce should remember the lesson taught by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of my friends says the world is all about ebbs and flows, and nothing is permanent. We just need to keep learning our lessons, and the pandemic shall pass.

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