Nature of the time

A River Canyon is formed as a result of carving, over millions of years. A soft river cuts down the tough mountains. I am sure most of us would not like to sail against a deadly ocean wave or go against a tornado. What is the greatest force of nature? River, Wave, Tsunami, Tornado? Or something else? We explore the greatest force of nature in this article because we clearly don’t wanna go against it.

If we observe closely, it is not the river that cuts through the mountains, rather it is one million years that makes the difference. A tornado might kill 1000 people, but Time kills everyone. Time is a deadlier force of nature than river, wind, fire, or any other force. The most powerful force of nature is Time. We go against the time if we stop moving or be impatient with the flow of time.

The other day, I was frustrated with my mail package stuck in the COVID-19 lockdown. And my friend was worried about the delayed result for one of his job applications. The waiting duration to know results concerning one’s career is mentally exhausting. We both are powerless in our situations because the opponent is time. The foolishness is being impatient and losing our mind over the situation we don’t have control over. There is no way the mail and the result will hurry up, looking at the two impatient boys. Common sense suggests, go with the flow if you are powerless to go against/faster than it.

Going with the flow of time is equivalent to harnessing the power of its flow. If time could help the river cut the mountains, it certainly could help us achieve our dreams. We just need to move with it, sailing and working our way through. The following quote by Thomas A. Edison captures patience as well as hard work (hustle) beautifully.

Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits

Thomas A. Edison

Time is much more powerful than humans, not in an evil way. If we know the flight is delayed by an hour, whining will change nothing. The trick is to develop patience and wait for the right moment to come. Enjoy the company of the time, and flow in the direction it flows. At least, xD until humans develop Time machine to flow against, or faster than time.

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The letter read, "You get amazed by mundane stuff.". Sadly, I never found one!

21 thoughts on “Nature of the time

  1. Time is everything. Time is what is keeping this world intact. This post reminds me of a quote from Dark (time travel series) ‘what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean’.
    But honestly go with flow is easier said than done.

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    1. Can not agree more with, ‘what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean’.
      Go with the flow is easier said than done. Especially, when we need a break from the world (or the opposite – want time to move fast in impatient times). It is like stopping in the flowing water. Tough! and has its own consequences

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      1. Sursa caught Hanuman through his shadow. Then Hanuman used his wisdom and entered her stomach and came out safely too. Then Sursa blessed him victory on the path he is travelling. This is a metaphor- the nature or Maya Loves us to get freed from herself that is why we got born out of her (our desires of last birth acted as our shadow) but is testing our wisdom or commitment on path of enlightenment ie true Ramkaj.

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      2. Amazing connection! I like the way how you connected the laws of nature with an ancient story from Ramayana
        Indeed, nature loves to test us. But that makes us stronger than before

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    1. Definitely, a Tardis would be awesome. That’s like a ship that flows against the stream of time.
      They proved mathematically the concept of time machine? That’s supercool, something to surf this weekend


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