Summa de Arithmetica

I don’t think books can change the world, but when the world begins to change, it searches for different books.

Shlomo Sand

There is always a story associated with a great book that is not written in the book. The book ‘Summa de Arithmetica’ was written by famous Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli. The book is a symbol of enlightenment, written in the time when science met art. The story revolving around the book is as interesting as the book itself.

The middle age of human history is often termed the ‘Dark Age’. It was the time when superstitions and evil tyrants captured the world. Religious institutions were directly involved in administrating and influencing society. There were numerous wars and illiteracy. ‘Summa de Arithmetica’ was written when the world was on a transitional phase from the ‘Dark Age’ to the modern world. The transitional period is often called the era of enlightenment.

Luca Pacioli was a religious person, who enjoyed mathematics. Scientists of the enlightenment era discovered some remarkable correlation between mathematics and nature

Mathematical patterns and special ratios are observed in nature.

Luca Pacioli got interested in mathematics from nature. ‘Summa de Arithmetica’ contained all the mathematical knowledge known to humans at that time. However, the most remarkable outcome from the book was the idea of double-entry bookkeeping in accounting. This made Luca Pacioli the “Father of Accounting” [ you might be tempted to google this 😊 hold on, there is more to come ]. This was the first time when science met business. The book ‘Summa de Arithmetica’ is often associated with the birth of Capitalism.

The greatest artist of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci loved the work of Luca Pacioli. How great was that time, when the two geniuses collaborated to combine mathematics and art? Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting ‘The Last Supper’ was a collaboration between the two geniuses.

Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” is based on Golden Ratio(also known as the Divine proportion)

It is remarkable how well the word ‘enlightenment’ describes the period surrounding ‘Summa de Arithmetica’. Science collaborated with business and art to revolutionize the world. I know you must be curious to explore the greatness of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. Here I leave you with it

The Last Supper

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6 thoughts on “Summa de Arithmetica

    1. The enlightenment era gave birth to various artists, scientists, and innovators.
      It’s always fun to know about the basis of today’s modern world.


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